Privacy Policy


  1. “Client” means a person or Entity whose interests the Member undertakes to represent, for a fee or other consideration, or Pro bono regarding a proceeding or application, or potential proceeding or application, under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or the Citizenship Act.
  2. “Client Property” means original documents and documents prepared for the Client’s benefit which the Member has been retained by the Client to prepare. Client Property includes, but is not limited to, all original documentation belonging to the Client; all documents, information, and data provided to the Member, or to the Member’s Agent, by the Client, or his/her Designate, prior to or after the signing of the Retainer Agreement; the Initial Consultation Agreement; documents produced by the government or any other third party (e.g. letters) in connection with the Retainer Agreement; and all documents or other property the Member was retained to prepare in connection with the Retainer Agreement.


  1. A Member shall ensure that the Client’s personal information and documentation is protected.
  2. Client information shall be stored in a physically secure manner to maintain Client confidentiality and to protect against damage or loss.
  3. Pursuant to Articles 8.1 to 8.4 inclusive of the Code of Professional Ethics, a Member shall ensure that Client confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  4. A Member shall, upon request, account for Client Property within fourteen (14) calendar days and deliver it to the Client, or his/her Designate, within thirty (30) calendar days. In situations where the timeframe is deemed unreasonable, the Member shall negotiate a reasonable timeframe with the Client, or his/her Designate.
  5. A Member shall return Client Property to the Client, or his/her Designate, in a secure and confidential manner after the Retainer Agreement has been terminated.


  1. Privacy Act
  2. Client File Management Regulation