BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot Program

If you have:

  1. a minimum of $300,000 in personal net worth, which includes your spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children, if applicable,
  2. experience in the last 5 years as either:
    • an active business owner-manager (min 3 years) or
    • a senior manager (min 4 years) or
    • combination of an active business owner-manager (min 1year) and a senior manager (min 2 years),
  3. post secondary degree or experience as an active business owner-manager with 100 per cent ownership of the business for at least three of the past five years,
  4. language proficiency in English or French equivalent to CLB 4

And intend to:

  1. make an minimum eligible invest of $100,000 to your proposed B.C. business,
  2. make a promise to create at least one permanent full-time job for a Canadian or PR,
  3. make a promise to live within the regional district of your proposed B.C. business 75% of the time,
  4. make a promise to actively manage your B.C. business,

you may qualify to apply for BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot Program. Are you interested in the program?